Bail Bond Process:

When an individual is arrested he is normally processed by law enforcement, after which, charges are filed with a local District Justice and a preliminary arraignment is conducted. During the course of the preliminary arraignment, bail is set along with a preliminary hearing date & time. If the defendant is unable to post bail, he is remanded to the County Correctional Facility until which time bail is posted, most frequently by a bail bondsman.

  • A Surety Bail Bondsman posts bail in the full amount guaranteeing the defendant’s appearance at all court proceedings until the disposition of the case.
  • Normally, a bail bond can be obtained through a surety with the signature of an indemnifier who would guarantee the full amount of the bail bond.
  • A non-refundable premium between 5% & 15% is paid to the bail bondsman for his service which is determined based on risk. This will be discussed during the free, no obligation consultation.
  • Finally it is important that the indemnifier is confident the defendant will appear for all required court appearances as they retain legal responsibility for the full amount of the bail bond.
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