Investigative & Security Services

Private investigators are often utilized by insurance companies, businesses and individuals to collect, analyze and report on information and evidence related to criminal and civil wrong doing.

The private investigator will use his experience and skills to assemble and analyze the facts relevant to a client request consistent with the detail and format required for court presentation. Written analysis and reports may be supported by voice, video and photographic evidence to reinforce and support the written investigative report.

In all instances the investigative activities will adhere to Federal, State, and Local law jurisdictions.

Upfront expectation setting and frequent communication as well as investigative updates will assist in ensuring that the client’s budget time and documentation needs are understood and mutually agreed to.

Northern Tier Private Investigation and Security Consultants, Inc. currently specialize in, but are not limited to the following investigations:

  • Personal Injury cases involving insurance claims
  • Insurance claims involving fraud
  • Surveillance
  • Corporate executive and personal protection
  • Background Investigations
  • Home Security
  • Missing Persons
  • Forensic Interviewing techniques
  • Workman Compensation Claims